Fenix ALP-10 Flashlight Holster

The all new Fenix ALP-10 flashlight holster is manufactured from a anti abrasive triple layer nylon material that is hot press molded and features a back webbing with quick release design. Available in two different sizes making this holster perfect for law enforcement and heavy use applications.



  • APL-10 (Small) – PD36R/PD35/UC35/PD32/UC30/FD30
  • APL-10 (Large) – PD40RV2.0/TK20R/TK16/TK15/TK11TAC


  • Small – 173 x 61 x 46 mm (Fits flashlights up to 145 mm in length with a head diameter up to 26.4 mm)
  • Small Weight – 55 g


  • Large – 175 x 65 x 51 mm (Fits flashlights up to 150 mm in length with a head diameter up to 34 mm)
  • Large Weight – 59 g


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