Fenix NW20 Whistle

Fenix lifesaving whistle is designed to give you the best chance for survival in a disaster or life- threatening situation. Boasting our unique sounding chamber, requiring 30% less effort than ordinary whistle. No movable parts, pealess design and max sound intensity to 120 decibels, Fenix lifesaving whistle is an essential piece of safety equipment to have on you during outdoor activities.


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  • Unique sounding chamber – Save 30% effort over an ordinary whistle
  • Max 120-decibel sound intensity
  • Pore structure and pealess design
  • Made of food-grade 304/304L stainless steel
  • Lanyard


  • 45mm Length x 15mm Width x 9mm Depth
  • 20 grams net weight included the lanyard


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