Fenix LD42 High-output Outdoor Flashlight

Fenix LD42, 4 AA High-output flashlight with Mechanical rotary switch 1000 lumens maximum output. Outstanding long-range beam which is able to locate the target from distance – a big help in night lighting and searching.With a patented technique of rotary mode switching, users are able to easily switch between 5 intensity levels. The mechanical side switch features strong anti-interference capability, which is safer for use.

Max Lumens: 1000
Max Distance: 350 m


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  • 1000 lumens maximum output
  • 350 meters maximum beam distance
  • 130 hours 20 minutes maximum runtime
  • Rapid rotary mode switching
  • 4 AA batteries , Easy to be obtained
  • No standby current – safe and cost-efficient
  • Flat body offers a comfortable holding
  • IP68 rated protection, able to work in extreme environments
  • Lightweight and compact companion

Technical Parameters

ANSI FL1 RatingTurboHighMediumLowEco
OUTPUT1000 Lumens300 Lumens150 Lumens50 Lumens5 Lumens
MAX RUNTIME1h 10min2h 38min13h 10min36h 40min130h 20min
MAX DISTANCE350 Meters (1148 Feet)190 Meters (623 Feet)125 Meters (410 Feet)72 Meters (236 Feet)23 Meters (75 Feet)
MAX INTENSITY30625cd9025cd3906cd1296cd132cd
WATERPROOFIP68, underwater 2m


Length: 159.5mm (6.3″)

Body diameter: 34mm (1.3″)

Head diameter: 32.5mm (1.3″)


Excluding batteries: 100g (3.5 oz.)


Four AA Ni-MH or Alkaline batteries


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