Fenix HL60R Headlamp

Featuring a Micro USB port for go-anywhere charging, the HL60R Headlamp delivers a maximum output of 950 lumens, beam throw of up to 116 meters and runtime of up to 100 hours from just one 18650 Li-ion battery. This feature-rich headlamp is equipped with neutral white LED for better color rendering, a side switch to activate five output modes and a red light alert mode. The HL60R all-season headlamp is designed with an all-metal housing and is complete with the ANSI IPX-8 waterproof classification.

Battery: 18650 or CR123 or Rechargeable
Max Lumens: 950




  • Utilizes Cree XM-L2 U2 Neutral White LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Powered by one 18650 Li-ion battery or two CR123A batteries
  • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation
  • Side switch for fast and simple operation
  • Through Micro USB port, directly charges 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Characteristic red light
  • Made of durable high-grade aluminum
  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

Technical Parameters

ANSI FL-1 RATINGTurboHighMediumLowEcoRed Light
OUTPUT950 Lumens400 Lumens150 Lumens50 Lumens5 Lumens1 Lumens
DISTANCE116 Meters (381 Feet)
WATERPROOFIPX-8, underwater 2m


  • Length: 87mm (3.4″)
  • Width: 46mm (1.8″)
  • Height: 51mm (2.0″)


  • Excluding batteries: 121g (4.3 oz.)


  • One 18650 Li-ion USB Rechargeable Battery (Included)
  • Two CR123A disposable batteries

Operating Instructions


Press and hold the side switch for 0.5 seconds to turn ON/OFF the headlamp.

Output Selection

With the lamp on, click the switch to cycle through Turbo→Red light→Eco→Low→Mid→High.

Intelligent Memory Circuit

The headlamp remembers the last-used brightness level, the next time it is turned on, it will recall that previously used brightness level.

Battery Level Indicator

Click the switch when the lamp is off, the battery indicator will be on for three seconds:
White LED flashes: more than 70% remaining
White LED and two Red LEDs flash alternately: 30% – 70%
Two Red LEDs flash: less than 30% remaining.

Low-voltage Warning

With the lamp on, the two red LEDs will flash at 1Hz when battery capacity is less than 20%. If red constant-on is being used, then the two red LEDs will flash. If white light is being used, then the two red LEDs will flash along with the white light lit on. Please recharge the lamp or change battery ASAP when warning occurs.


  1. Plug the USB port of the charging cable into any USB power supplier, then uncover the anti-dust cap, plug the Micro USB port of the charging cable into the charging port of the headlamp.
  2. The two red LEDs will flash simultaneously at 0.5Hz when in charging process. The normal charging time of the Fenix ARB-L18-2600 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery is about four hours. The two red LEDs will be constant-on when charging is completely done.
  3. Once charging is completed, be sure to plug the anti-dust cap covered.
  4. Please recharge a stored headlamp every four months to maintain optimum performance of the battery.

Battery Specifications

TypeDimensionsNominal VoltageUsability 
Fenix ARB-L18 Series186503.6V/3.7VRecommended
Non-rechargeable Battery (Lithium)CR123A3VUsable
Rechargeable Battery (Li-ion)163403.6V/3.7VBanned
Rechargeable Battery (Li-ion)186503.6V/3.7VCautious!
Rechargeable Battery (LiFePO4)163403.2VUsable
Rechargeable Battery (LiFePO4)186503.2VBanned

Warning: Please do not mix batteries of different brands, size, capacity or type. Doing so may cause damage to the flashlight or the batteries being used.

*18650 Li-ion batteries are powerful cells designed for commercial applications and must be treated with caution and handled with care. Quality Li-ion batteries with circuit protection will reduce the potential for combustion or explosion but cell damage or short circuiting are potential risks the user assumes. Fenix ARB-L18 Series batteries are recommended.

Battery Replacement

Unscrew the battery cap to insert the battery with the correct directions of the battery anode, screw the battery cap back on.

Headlamp Strap Assembling

Notice: The headlamp strap is factory default assembled.

  1. Slide the buckle to adjust the headband length as wanted size.
  2. First fasten the headband to the headlamp holder, and then attach the headband to the headlamp holder and top headband mount for additional stability.


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