Fenix CL09 Camping Lantern

The CL09 is ultra compact, water and impact resistant. Featuring neutral white light for better color rendition it also sports red and green light to help preserve night vision and for use as a signal light.

Battery: 16340 or CR123 or rechargeable
Max Lumens: 200




  • Three lighting sources of neutral white, red and green
  • Powered by one ARB-L16-700U, 16340 or CR123A battery
  • 5mm Length x 22mm Diameter
  • 5 grams (excluding battery and other accessories)
  • 360° illumination
  • The lantern tail features a magnet and a hanging loop
  • IP68 rating, underwater 2m for 30 minutes/dust proof
  • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery insertion
  • Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and optical grade PC materials
  • Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

Technical Parameters

ModeTurboHighMediumLowRedRed FlashGreen
OUTPUT200 Lumens80 Lumens30 Lumens1 Lumen5 Lumens5 Lumens5 Lumens
MAX RUNTIME16340 - 2h 40min
CR123 - 6 hours
16340 - 5h 40min
CR123 - 19 hours
16340 - 19h 20min
CR123 - 36 hours
16340 - 90h
CR123 - 150 hours
16340 - 30h
CR123 - 48 hours
16340 - 48h
CR123 - 76 hours


  • Length: 3.09″ (78.5mm)
  • Diameter: 0.86″ (22mm)


  • 1.11 oz. (31.5g) excluding battery


  • Included 1x 16340 rechargeable battery or CR123A battery ( not included )

Included with Your Light

  • Fenix ARB-L16-700U battery
  • Spare 0-ring for water seal
  • Key ring

Operating Instructions


Tighten the lantern tail to turn on the lantern. Loosen to turn off the lantern.

Output Selection

To change output level while the lantern is switched on, turn it off and back on again within one second. Lantern will cycle through Low→Med→High→Turbo→Red→Red Flash→Green.

Note: the lantern is not equipped with a memory function. If more than one second elapses after being switched off, it will default to Low mode when switched on again.

Battery Specifications

TypeDimensionsNominal VoltageUsability 
Rechargeable Battery (Li-ion)163403.6V/3.7VCautious*!

*16340Li-ion batteries are powerful cells designed for commercial applications and must be treated with caution and handled with care. Quality batteries with circuit protection will reduce the potential for combustion or explosion but cell damage or short circuiting are potential risks the user assumes.

Battery Replacement

Unscrew the tail cap to insert the battery with the anode side (+) towards the light head, then screw the tail cap back on.

Charging of Fenix ARB-L16-700U

  1. Unscrew the lamp cap , take out the battery, plunge the charging cable into the battery built-in micro USB port. Or charge the battery in a charger.
  2. When charging via micro USB port, the charging indicator turns red, and blue when fully charged.
  3. When fully charged, disconnect the charging cable or remove the battery from the charger, and insert the battery with the anode side (+) towards the lamp head, then screw the tail cap back on.
  4. Recharge a stored battery every four months to maintain optimum performance of the battery.

Parts Included

  1. 1 x CL09 camping lantern
  2. 1 x Spare O-ring for water seal
  3. 1 x Key ring
  4. 1 x User manual
  5. 1 x Warranty card
  6. 1 x Fenix ARB-L16-700U


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